A passing-

without warning

this unexpected loss –

an early december

This was read at the eulogy today. I am not sure if this belonged to the person who read it or if it was borrowed. In any case, it was fitting:-

“laugh when you can

cry when you must

apologize when you should and change the sphere of life if you will

dream big

take risks

study life’s plays feverishly

make the play

score the goal

volunteer your time

mend broken hearts

fall down but get up and learn from your mistakes

live life on purpose for a purpose and with purpose each and every day”

2/07/1958 – 10/31/2022



Giggly Swirl

at the whim of morning winds

fallen leaves in giggly swirl

splashes of color then move

in a lazy sway



Saw this on my morning walk.

This week over at Word Craft A Specific Form..A Kouta..a new form to me. It is a syllabic, variable odd numbered syllable lengths, the most common patterns are written in lines of alternating 7-5-7-5 syllables or 7-7-7-5 syllables. 

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Thursday Doors – Dubai

Hi everyone. Here are some more photos from my recent trip. There are so many I’m still sorting through them. Enjoy!

These are from outdoor shots of The Museum of the Future. No, we didn’t go inside. I don’t think anything on the inside could top this artwork on the outside. There’s a link below to give an idea of what goes on on the inside.

The Museum of The Future, Dubai. To read more about it go here

These were taken in a souk, a bazaar. This place was way quieter than the ones in Istanbul. Maybe this was a high end one.

Some ceiling, right!!

Really love these inspirational flags.

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such eye catchers –

colorful autumn leaves stir thoughts

of earths renewal



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Thursday Doors – Nuruosmaniye Mosque, Istanbul

This is the Nuruosmaniye Mosque (Turkish: Nuruosmaniye Camii) is an 18th century Ottoman mosque located near the entrance of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. It is regarded as one of the finest examples of an Ottoman Baroque style mosque. To read more on the history go here.

We didn’t go inside this particular mosque as the focus was the bazaar on this particular outing. The local people were going in for prayers. A very busy area with this being near the entrance to the Grand Bazaar. Yup! There were people everywhere!

The following was in the courtyard of the mosque. A wooden kiosk, very detailed.

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Haibun Monday – Talking Soup

When I was growing up, each day of the week had its own menu. Sunday was beef, wednesday was stewed (red) peas, friday was fish and saturday was soup day.

The different types of soup sounds a little nuts, but they were good. There was beef, cow cod (don’t ask), fish head, cow foot, goat head, red peas, split peas and chicken soup. Red peas soup was my favorite.

That thing was a meal. My mom would let us ‘help’ by passing the vegetables which were carrots, celery, turnips, yellow yam, potatoes, and dumplings. We all wanted to help make the dumplings. A soup without dumplings was just not a good soup in our house. Then, of course, there were the spices – salt, scallions, thyme, garlic and pimento seeds (Allspice).

These soups brought a healing touch to every part of our insides. You could smell it from everywhere! It was fuel, it was filling, it was love.

through this autumn gray

memory from childhood wafts in –

soup day, saturday



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Thursday Doors – Chios

These were taken on my most recent escape, part of which was to the village of Pirgi ( pop.755) on the tiny island of Chios, Greece (pop. 54,000). A short boat ride across from Turkey. The write up from the tourist office reads as follows:

“The graphical medieval village Pirgi, the biggest and most well known of Chios, is situated around 25 km’s southwest by the city of Chios. It is the most important mastic village, especially known as the painted village because of its ksista, the geometrical decorations found on the buildings of a peculiar style that can be found only to this village. Due to it’s unique characteristics the village has been declared as preserved status at it’s total…”

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Info on Pirgi from Chios tourist office. You can read the full writeup here, it’s a quick read.

To read more about Chios go here