First Drops


first drops
pelt delicate blooms –
spring rains


the first drops
sent tremors through blooms –
spring rains

       Pat R


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Oddball Photo Challenge

odd ball 20170410_135030.jpg

That”s an art installation, I guess.

On the side walk…by it self.

I think that”s living space, not sure. Very colorful. A view from the entry to the Brooklyn Bridge.


Cees Oddball Photo Challenge

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: April 16, 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

swans 20170411_183323

drinking swan 20170411_183027

This pair was off the pier 2 days ago. I had never seen them before, but there they were  hanging out near fishing lines off the pier. It was a sight to behold. On my next trip I am walking with something to feed them. An awesome evening! A very pleasant surprise!

Pat R


For Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise


Thursday Doors


The first was taken in Park Slope. Looks like the building has just been renovated, crisp and clean.

The 2nd one has seen some life. It belongs to an apartment building.

thursday doors 20170410_174612

Yep! This used to be the Ex Lax factory, not pricy condos.

thursday doors 20170403_150046-1

I can never see the door on this building. Seems there is alway some construction going on here. But I love the details.

thursday doors 20170410_135647

This feels like the official entrance of Macy’s on W34th St at Herald Square..I may be wrong..there are a few.thursday doors 20170410_134604

This is a Catholic Church door on W 31st St somewhere. Well, that’s my set for this week.  A good Easter to all.

For Thursday Doors over at Norm2.0

Pat R


Hard & Soft

from hard frozen ground
the most delicate seedlings –
the magic of spring
brings old limbs a taste of youth
clad in soft delicate blooms

Pat R


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