The Whirlpool – A Tanka


Photo taken last evening

swift visit –
huge swirl of leaves
autumn gusts

all shapes and colors trapped in
the whirlpool, stark limbs shaken

Pat R


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Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge



Coconut Drops

As the coconuts roll around in the cart
Their shells clunking together took me back to younger days

The smell of coconut boiling with brown sugar and ginger is everywhere
For the whole day it seems
In the end, a crunchy treat from childhood

Pat R


A Quadrille is the challenge over at dVerse Poets Pub today, with the use of the word ‘Crunch’.


thanks for family
the ultimate belonging
till we are no more


being grateful for kin
the ultimate belonging
till we are no more

Pat R


Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge: Family & Thanks ( using synonyms)