Grape Vine Beetle -Wordless Wednesday

In my garden, yep! He’s having a good old time in my very aggressive grape vines. In flight, I thought it was a super wasp and reached for my insect spray. Then there was the perch. That thing was about an inch long! And kinda cute!

Pat R


For #Wordless Wednesday, kinda 😊

Chinese Lantern


I took this one in the garden in the fall. It was the only splash of color still left in the garden.


I couldn’t believe this lantern was still on the stalk. It survived the winter, just hanging on. It looks downright ornamental!


in the life

of a chinese lantern

intricate details


Pat R



Happy Easter Sunday!

This is a side walk garden a couple doors down from me. They also have a butterfly bush in there. Gorgeous!

Someone asked me what was a side walk garden. Thought I’d put it here.

A side walk garden is a small patch of earth left by the city as they build sidewalks. Some have the huge utility pole, some have a tree and some are bare. The home owner who plants the flowers in this little patch cares for it. Some go all out and put little fences around them (under a foot high), made of wood or wrought iron.


Here’s a long view of the whole idea of sidewalk gardens.