Plum Blossoms

plum blossoms
on fresh fallen snow
scent of early spring

Pat R


“…Today our prompt is Ume-no-hana (ume flower) and it’s a classical kigo for the end of winter, or the last part of winter.. Ume-no-hana (ume flower) is mostly translated as “plum” but it’s more an “apricot”.

For Carpe Diem Haiku

Trill & Final


Photo of street art

the final moments
of recess has come – the trill
of the bell lingers

Pat R


I can still hear that bell. A good sized hand held brass bell. It was rung at the beginning and end of recess and lunch. It usually meant the end of all playing. The whole schoolyard rushed to lineup for re entry to their classrooms. Ah, those were the days dusty school yard, dusty chalk boards and that warm breeze blowing through the open classroom.

For Ronovan Writes prompt words

Trill & Final

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