A Cleansing

from wind swept ocean
angry waves belching debris
on shore – a cleansing

Pat R



Storied Carvings

a storied carving
on a thousand year old wall –
a proud tale through time

Pat R


For Colleen Weekly Poerty Challenge.


Summer Vacation

We are at the back end of the summer. Vacation eases to a close. It feels as though it has mostly been a stormy summer. The garden loves it though, It’s gone wild. Today it’s time for a day at the beach. To be wrapped in ocean breeze and be reminded how small a part I play in this space. Waves scramble ashore, erasing footprints. Tiny gulls rush in for newly arrived treats, and the sun makes the smoothe sand shine.

sound of waves
treking through my dreams –
summer day

Pat R


For Frank Tassone’s Haikai Challenge: Summer Holiday