I encountered this tall grass on my walk today. It was in one of those little sidewalk gardens situated directly in front of the owners home. On this bright, sunny day, the coolness was a reminder that autumn wore a chill. The gray had finally moved on.

tall grass blooms

bask in autumn sun –

chilly day

Pat R


Harvest Moon

The moon at 9:07pm tonight

harvest moon

adorns the night sky –

moon gazing

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Pat R


Thursday Doors

This used to be the building of the Fire Department headquarters in Brooklyn. The old headquarters. It is six stories tall and was built in 1920. I couldn’t tell who or what lives there now. The details of this is so intricate.

I took these pictures today while on my search for the Board of Elections Office. Yes, I was in search of the drop box. My ballot made it there safely!

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Flower of The Day – FOTD

I think this is the seeding phase of the moon flower, or not. As when I googled it again it said it was Velvetleaf and that flower was yellow. It looked dry, but still had beauty.

This one said Jimsonweed when I googled it. They’re all beautiful.

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Pat R