Spring Wind

a gust of cherry blossoms –
one with spring wind

Pat R .


It is Sakura Matsuri Weekend  @ Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

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Mother Nature


Mother Nature

Yesterday, I drove by what’s left of this magnolia tree and spotted that lone flower. It was the oddest thing to see this upright stump standing there with its lone flower swaying in the breeze. Yep, swaying, like everything was alright in its world!! So, I went around the block so I could come back around to take its picture. If this isn’t all about hope, I don’t know what is. I bet the owner didn’t expect this😊 Ha, Ha!! I love Brooklyn!

Pat R


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#Thursday Doors

Today was a beautiful spring day, so I didn’t actually spend time in the library. But rather at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in advance of the Cherry Blossom Festival this coming weekend. I did pass by to get this photo though.

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Pat R


WP Weekly Photo Challenge:Lines

Hanging from the ceiling, by the base of its trunk, the roots of a tree. Living a new life.


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Pat R



I went back today and git a better shot in better light.




There is something calming about watching the sun ease over the edge of the horizon. Skies meet ocean, the dawn of dusk. It feels like a rendezvous with hints of new beginnings. As Day moves into the arms of night my thoughts turn to hopes for the next day. I exhale. I sense a chance to regroup, and give way to the start of something new – cloud free.

dawn of spring..
through shards of melting snow
purple crocus

Pat R


For Haibun Monday @ dVerse Poets Pub where the prompt is Dusk


The Bar


the bar, tenuous….

shifting mirage, rising swamp…

a strange new culture

Pat R


For Haiku Horizons where the prompt is: Bar.