Flower of The Day

On my walk a few days ago I saw this on a sidewalk. It looked recent, but it wasn’t. This is an image with deep grooves. It looks like someone had taken the time to do this while the concrete was still wet. Usually, when I see these, it amounts to a stained imprint. This wasn’t that.

there it was

living a life held in time –

a once lively sprig



Autumn Still

These last few months were spent discovering what I am made of. I could have done without it. It was not pretty.

It felt like a series of gut punches featuring endings that cumulated with a teetering on the brink. This left all in the family breathless. That saying about crap coming in threes – no exaggeration!!

I am, however, still standing. I was blessed with the strength to pull back from the brink. And for this, I am thankful it is autumn still.

autumn leaves

nestle in blue skies

as winter nears



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