Weekly Photo Challenge:Unusual

(Monstera obliqua, Swiss cheese plant, house plant suited for partly shaded habitats.)

I’ve ┬áhad the plant in a pot for years. Every now and then I re-pot it with the hope that it will go crazy and run (‘creep’ – its a vine) all over the house. It never does. But it doesn’t die either:) I had no idea what the botanical name was, I looked it up. Where I come from we call it a ‘creeper’.



WP Weekly Photo Challenge :Unusual


Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

A piece of art in the lobby of the hotel on my recent visit to D. C.


Ah yes, that’s my spring garden. Has some order I think.
For WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

Order in disorder. A windy day at the terminal market outdoor plant stand. Yes, that’s a pineapple plant in a pot. I have one myself, still waiting to see what it will do!

For WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

Pat R


Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

country road
whispering my name –

country road

steeped in adventure –


Pat R

WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust