Standing Up


It was mid morning on a weekday.
I was working in my garden.
Doing battle, was more like it.
This unruly patch is the only green in this row of yards.
The grape is tangled with the honeysuckle.
Lina’s broom is on a surge for the sun while stiffling the lavendar.
When far away an interrupted cry.
It was the voice of a woman. I could hear the blows landing, and the rebuke with each blow. This, even after she had stopped crying out. A man’s voice, full of rage, blaming her for it all. She refused to give him the satisfaction of crying anymore.
He kept hitting her.
I couldn’t figure out which house this was coming from.
I felt helpless, pissed off and horrified all at once
Then there was a gurgly scream from him
Followed by silence.

Pat R


For dVerse poets prosery #1, word limit 144 words max and include this line
“…when far away an interrupted cry..”

This prosey contains 140 words..I think.

Stop over and do some reading, or even participate here.

Prosery #1

A Photo a Week Challenge: Nostalgia


My wisteria, it’s finally come to life with blooms! And in my garden!

My school was tucked in a neighborhood of wealth and mansions. In front of one of the homes was a heavy duty trellis that housed a wisteria vine. Parts of it was six to eight inches around. It was a piece of art. It had some age to it and the blooms no longer came. But it had claimed that trellis as it’s own.

The owner clearly held it in some regard because there was a plaque identifying it as a wisteria vine. I have been facinated by it ever since. So I planted my own a few years ago, and it still lives !

Pat R


For a Photo A Week Challenge over at Nadia Merrill Photography


Thursday Doors..Around Brooklyn


Ongoing repairs. The whole thing had the color of the top at one point. I am guessing this is some type of metal. It’s a church and they’re making progress


Apartment building entrance.


Another church


And a school built in 1924 and has 6 stories. I tried to figure out what it was originally but couldn’t. Or, maybe it was built as a school, even back then


For Norm’s  Thursday Doors

Pat R


Photo A Week Challenge:Raindrops

For Wordless Wednesday & Cee’s Flower of the Day where you can also do a leaf.


Photo a Week Challenge where the prompt is “Raindrops”.


#Wordless Wednesday