The Whirlpool – A Tanka


Photo taken last evening

swift visit –
huge swirl of leaves
autumn gusts

all shapes and colors trapped in
the whirlpool, stark limbs shaken

Pat R


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19 responses to “The Whirlpool – A Tanka

  1. So glad you posted to the prompt! Save your Christmas “visit” for a TH OLN (open link night) when you can post a poem without any prompt. I’d like to see that one too!
    I really love the photo you took….and the idea of the whirlpool of leaves swirling in the wind and the naked tree shivering, shaken to its core so to speak, looking on in perhaps, disbelief? What happened? How can I be standing here shivering when just thirty days or so ago I was so bedecked with jewel colored leaves, all rippling and shining in the sun? Smiling I am….you’ve got me picturing and identifying with this tree of yours 🙂

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