This is a mural. I took this on the inside of a mall in Brooklyn.


This is growing on a part of the trunk of a tree. That yellow stuff is spreading. In person it looks a little gross. Not so much in a photo with a bit of editing.


This is another shot of another part of the same tree

inanimate –

being held in time by nature

an odd interplay


Pat R


For Dutch Goes The Photo weekly photo challenge where the prompt is “Spread”


13 responses to “Spread

  1. I especially love your poem, Pat–there’s something reverential or spiritual about it. And I totally love the Spread Love, It’s the Brooklyn Way” mural–marvelous!


  2. I really enjoyed your poem – beautiful!
    I am captivated by the photos that appear to show the tree growing around/absorbing the chain-link… is this what is happening?
    And how can you not smile looking at the mural?!! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Yes, regarding the chain link and the tree, that is what’s happening. I’ve see that more than once around here. I saw it in the park where they did an enclosure for a baseball field. That time they cut the tree down. But left the parts that fused together with the chain link fence just hanging. it’s still there. Weird.


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