New Moon –

In lockdown, bright sunny days are lures to resist.

The flush of spring was without fanfare, the blooms are on their own

No leisurely stroll under cherry blossoms this spring. Nature tips the scale.


a new moon
the earth feels tilted
up is down

Pat R


For Frank Tassone Haikai Challenge where the prompt is New Moon


dVerse Poets Pub where Mish is hosting Quadrille Monday (a 44 word poem) invented by dVerse. The prompt word this week us “Flush”. You can do some reading of join in here


24 responses to “New Moon –

  1. I was very much looking forward to a cherry orchard stroll this spring. It is sadness that nature has denied us what we’ve arrogantly taken for granted so long. Your haiku says it all.


    • You’re right. We do take so much for granted. No worries though, the universe always find a way to bring this to our attention. The rub is, will we learn anything from this.



  2. You’ve summed up the situation so beautifully, Pat. Sunny days are hard to resist and I think I’m the only person to appreciate the hedgerows around our local football pitch, where I had been walking before I got shingles. Thankfully, I can still go into our garden and appreciate the various blossoms. Tilted is the perfect word to describe the world at the moment.

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    • Thank you Kim. The problem still with sunny days around here is that they’re still colder than I’d like. So I go out into the garden with big plans then I’m soon in retreat, to watch from the door😊. Sorry to hear about the shingles, hope it goes on back into hiding soon. Feel better😊.



  3. I think you’ve captured the feeling very well. The lure of the sun is tempting for some but I hope they keep holding the line so we can get through this. Thank goodness for walks, although the world does feel a little “tilted” as we walk way around others on our path.


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