PPAC #8 Immersive Van Gogh ..#2

These are from earlier this summer. Huge projections of Van Gogh’s work was the makeup of this exhibit (onto full walls and floors). One of the coolest things I’ve done in the city!

Some of the fade-ins &outs made for a whole other experience!

A video of the event A bit long, but it gives a pretty good idea of what went on. Enjoy!


For ( Photographing Public Art Challenge) PPAC #8 with Cee. To see other entries or to participate go here.

23 responses to “PPAC #8 Immersive Van Gogh ..#2

  1. ⁉️ WoWWWW❗❗❗ The video is SPECTACULAR . . . and not a moment too long!
    How did you do the video development of van Gogh’s paintings!? Particularly love the blossoming of the blue flowers and the scanning of the courtyard. Van Gogh would be deeply honored by your presentation.

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    • I didn’t do that, it’s an exhibit we went to. we just did video of what was going on. Well, my daughter did videos, I did photosπŸ™‚. Google VanGoghNYC. com
      It was an awesome experience!


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  2. Wow, this is impressive, Pat. I love your post. πŸ™‚ You may get a request to take off the video. I did when I filmed part of The Sound of Music showing at the Hollywood Bowl when a group of us attended the event and put it on my blog. I don’t know if it was a scam, but I’m a scardy cat and took it off and deleted the YouTube version.

    We bought tickets for this show in Phoenix, and it looks like it will be well worth it.


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