Try to choose a favorite haiku or tanka and tell us why you do like it and try to write/compose an all new haiku or tanka.

Here is my choice.

Fukuda Chiyo-ni (Kaga no Chiyo) (福田 千代尼; 1703 – 2 October 1775) was a Japanese poet of the Edo period, widely regarded as one of the greatest female haiku poets.

kawa bakari
yami wa nagarete
hotaru kana

the only river
where darkness flows:
fireflies (Chiyo-ni)

Why I like it?  The imagery that came to me was that it had to truly be a heavy swarm of fireflies to give the image of a ‘glowing flow’. I looked up ‘swarms of fireflies’. Its a mating ritual. How relatable is that? Putting our best foot forward in the hopes of attracting a mate.

The following haiku was inspired by Chiyo-ni’s haiku

(A rewrite)

dark of night

earthbound stars twinkle –



whirlpool in the creek
the colors
of autumn



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Yellow Nile


Photo credit: Yellow Nile

Yellow Nile Blue Nile
White Nile – by every other name
The Nile from antiquity
Still influencing cultures

Pat R


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