Quadrille – Journey

IMG_2017-10-22_15_48_20_bw black and white beach

Today it’s Quadrille at dVerse, with Mish hosting. The poem has to have exactly 44 words. The word that has to be included in the poem is “rock”.

Colorful pebbles wash ashore
as waves deposit a cache that rocks the
colors of the rainbow

How far have you come?

And what dreams did you stir on those far away shores?

Did they too, see the rainbow at the tips of their toes?

Pat R



30 responses to “Quadrille – Journey

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  2. Amazing how many of us connected to colorful pebbles, like my wooden bowl on the coffee table full of polished collected pebbles from everywhere; nice take on the prompt–smile–puts me in mind of Jim Henson’s “Rainbow Connection” sung by Kermit.

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    • The imagination gets going by just holding one of them I love that it brought back Henson’s “Rainbow Connection”. I just went back to listen to it. It put a smile on my face, thank you Glenn.


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