Haibun Monday – Handwriting


I learned to write script before cursive. Most people do, I suppose.
I don’t remember it being a particularly difficult task. I remember the inkwell on the desk, dipping pen in, then putting it to paper. My handwriting style was nurtured and guided by my teacher, Mrs Beckford. Long tailed letters like ‘y’s & ‘p’s were not to overlap with the letters on the lines below. That was the rule of the stern Mrs Beckford. Not abiding by this rule meant her writing corrections in red ink all over your paper, which meant it had to be rewritten.
My handwriting is a mix of script and cursive. This is quite odd looking. I often wondered why that was. I never consciously put Mrs Beckford in the mix. But clearly, she has been lingering.

line of clouds
warm breeze smells of rain
parched school yard

Pat R


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