Slow Reveal

in a slow reveal

the promise of spring is closer to being realized

branches stand clad in nubs soon to be buds

sparrows and starlings cling to fine branches like leaves that ought to be

time stands ready this season on this trip around the sun

will you be here to welcome the delicate white blooms of the pear tree?

will they enjoy the gentle flicker
in the spring breeze without your fleeting gaze?

it is a slow reveal



For dVerse Poets Pub where the focus is on “Turns” in a poem

MTB: Middles & Turns

16 responses to “Slow Reveal

  1. A lovely piece Pat – nicely realised. I really like the turn in line 6 – where we go from certainty (the world turns, Spring follows Winter) to uncertainty – will you be there? – it shifts the poem from general on to a much more personal level – Thanks so much for sharing this piece.


  2. Lovely poem Pat, it does feel like we’re right on the tipping point of Spring. My autumn bulbs are just poking through (which I’m very relieved about as I never quite trust my ability in the garden.) I love the line of nubs, soon to be buds. Wonderful description for the in-between state.

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