Never Enough

The Challenge is to choose a haiku you like, say why and write something similar. I chose something by Fukuda Chiyo-Ni  (1703-1775)  a haiku poetess that was holding her own with the masters of her time. Fukuda Chiyo-ni was a Japanese poet of the Edo period. This is the haiku I chose I don’t know how similar mine is. But it’s what I felt on reading hers. I like this because it has a mature reflective, and introspective feel to it.

never enough
for a woman’s heart –
summer breeze

Here is my attempt:

I keep trying
to push you out of my heart –
super moon and venus



For a bit more about her and a glimpse at her work go here

Fukuda Chiyo-ni

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku