Autumn Blues


It has been a strange eight days mired in joy, anxiety, stress and sadness.

Two home-goings, one way before his time. An ambitious young man, twenty two years old, on a new journey to law school. Now, a journey diverted, a soul called home. Leaving a mother grief stricken and numb.

The other, of her time. She had lived some life.

In between these, was a wedding in a most peaceful setting in the mountains. This odd mix of joy and sorrow came in threes.

short goodbyes –
lurking in cool air
autumn blues

Pat R

Bedside Vigilance


bedside vigilance
time moving forward unphased
shift in my universe



Inspired by

bedside vigilance
the scarf she never finished
slowly unravels

© Lolly

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Tears Falling


Carpe Diem Utabukuro #4 tears falling

It in no way felt like the end was near.  As it turned out I had pried his last words from him.
“Pop, I’m going to Vegas, wish me luck”, no response.
“Pops did you hear what I said?”, I asked.
After a while he answered, “Ookay”.

I headed for the airport and was on the way to the terminal gate. Then came the call. My mirror image had passed on.

there he laid
I couldn’t look at him in that box
ashes to ashes

tears falling
I couldn’t look at him in that box
chose alive image



Our host writes,

“….Haiku can be soothing in times of sorrow and sadness … so write/compose your haiku straight from your heart…”

on his grave
a vase full of colorful flowers
to honor him

(c) Chèvrefeuille

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