thoughts and entanglements




Anxious and fearful as his name is called

Blissful play comes to a screeching halt

Carey said he should run, he wouldn’t be at fault

Danger is behind that door that was the advice from Walt

Every kid in the room is still playing

For they don’t know the price they’ll be paying

Gone is the fun he was having today

How is he ever going to make it through this day

Imagined the biggest needle for sure

Just seeing a white coat and he knows the score

Kindness and gentleness in abundance he needs

Love and tight hugs from mom he will seek

Maybe on this visit it won’t be that sad

Now that he’s a big boy he can’t act that bad

Often when he’s scared mom makes it go away

Promises were made that he’ll still want to play

Quietly he…

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A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: ZETA



Z is for ZETA

Definition : a small room or closet in a church

Z   Zsazsa looked forward to and planned this very special day since she was a young girl

E   Enrique was her Prince he completed her they had come a long way

T   Today was the day yet here she stood rooted to the spot in this small room – petrified

A   Awaiting her was Enrique and a church full of wedding guests



A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: SALSA

A to Z Challenge



S is for SALSA

Definition:  a fast Latin American Dance with influence from several  Latin Cultures


S. Saturated in the rhythms of the night

A. Annabella  was lost in its sensuality her body moved of its own accord

L. Last time she was here they had shared a connection

S.  She danced  all inhibitions thrown

A.  As he watched her across the floor he was drawn to her he moved toward her their eyes met she felt it too he was distracted by his buddy Jake when he regained focus she was gone





Photo taken at The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

A to Z Challenge Acrostic poem: OGEE


O is for OGEE

Definition:  OGEE…S- Shaped


O   Ocean on one side picturesque jagged cliffs on the other  this narrow roadway hugs the edge

G   Grand ocean views tempered by rambunctious crashing waves like screaming warriors  scaling a precipice only to be sucked back down again

E   Evenings send the  mesmerizing sunsets the temptress beckons seducing all on this curvy drive

E   Every  stolen glimpse from this meandering S-shape is a glimpse closer to peril




A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: NOUS

water pier beach

N is for NOUS

Definition: pure intellect or reason


New humans should come with instructions to watch out for the people about to rear them

Only those with exceptional common sense should be allowed near one Anthony and Delilah were not in possession of such qualities an

Unsuspecting trusting helpless tiny baby does not deserve to have his body temperature forced to 92 degrees and into cardiac arrest

Superior intellect is not required to conclude that dunking a four week old in cold water to rid him of a fever is not a good idea – now they wait



The photo was taken off the pier today, this was the kind of a day we were having.

A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: JEZEBEL



J is for JEZEBEL

Defiition: impudent shameless or morally unrestrained woman


J  Justice was what she craved for the wrongs done to her letting justice take its course was not her way to her that meant payback

E  Every opportunity to use seduction to gain an advantage revealed her true temptress

Z  Zealot that she was worked to her advantage her thirst for vengeance would not be denied

E  Evenings cloaked in the magic of the coming night was when she spun her web

B  Braggarts added more to their encounters than there truly was but that was a price she was willing to pay

E  Evidently her seductions had a purpose and not much to do with pleasure in the end

L  Lackies were made of them all!!





frozen river


Def. An empty boaster

F   Fame and the feeling of importance is what he craves in his small pond

A   Always “ON” he lives for such moments

N   Never tiring of commenting on accomplishments real or imagined

F   Facts even small one are meant to be embelished

A   An avid imagination is his forte

R   Reality is but an hindrance to a perfectly spun yarn

O   Oration is when his excitement grew

N   Notoriety for being an empty boaster follows him always





A to Z Challenge  A is for Airgonaut


Airborne savoring the freedom in free fall

Invigorating – being one with nature

Rapid desent cheeks fluttering ears flapping in the wind

Gravity having its say

Overall thrill outweighs any hesitation

Nature being tempted and trifled with

Apprehension takes a holiday

Upholding the premise of living life out loud

Taking adventure by the tail and hanging on for the ride





Airgonaut : One who journeys through the air like skydivers and balloonists.

 A person who is engaged in a dangerous but rewarding quest; an adventurer





S   Same underneath blood is red, all feel pain, vital organs the same, dignity is no   


K    Kinship is a better road to take as this can only lead to a better understanding 

       across cultures

I     Instilling this in our youth is the only way to save us from ourselves

N    None is superior we are all here for a blip in time it’s time we acted like it